7 Best Free Elementor Templates And Themes

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7 Best Free Elementor Templates

The Best Elementor Templates in 2021

Looking for the best templates for Elementor? This is a list of Elementor templates that will blow the minds of your visitors. These are all complete premade themes with multiple pages that include amazing animations and beautiful designs that stand out. Although each template comes with a specific industry theme, they can all be easily changed to fit your website using Elementor’s user-friendly editor.

1) Buildi Builders (11 Templates) - Construction Theme

This is one of my favorite Elementor Themes because it is unique, but versatile. The templates can easily fit the look of industries other than construction, especially for other service agencies. It also has some amazing animations, such as the fixed header scrolling animation and the logo animation on the footer.

Preview Buildi Builders

2) Helix Fitness (8 Templates) – Fitness Theme

If you like animations, you need to see check out Helix Fitness. This is seriously one of the coolest Elementor Templates with amazing animations. It has a very “Tough” look to it with the blue, black, and silver color scheme.

Preview Helix Fitness

3) Dronetech (4 Templates) – Tech Product Theme

This theme is best described as “Modern” and “Clean”. Its slick look will remind you of some of the big tech companies. I think the best template from this set is the product page. Scroll down to that page and check out the expanding sections. You won’t find another Elementor template with animations like that.

Preview Dronetech

4) Foxlore Carpentry (5 Templates) - Agency Theme

Although I’m more of a fancy-animation kind of guy, some people like to have a more mellow website. Foxlore Carpentry is a template with a nice design but isn’t too crazy on the animations like the ones listed above.

5) Turismo (6 Templates) – Travel Theme

This Elementor template has a beautiful beachy nature look that will put your visitors in awe. Its green and teal colors with its curvy design give it a very relaxing vibe.

6) Cars LaClassic (5 Templates) – Cars / Club Theme

This template uses serif fonts along with tilted borders & backgrounds to give a “fancy” look to it. It looks great for companies who are going for a prestigious vibe.

7) IBH Books (7 Templates) – Author / E-book Theme

This Elementor template is great for online downloads. Some of its unique aspects include the headings – where the first letter is boxed & colored, along with the awesome scrolling animation of the timeline on the about page.

Preview IBH Books

How To Get These Free Elementor Templates

All of these templates (and many more) are included in the free plugin, ThemeShark templates & Widgets for Elementor. You can download it on the WordPress plugins directory by searching “ThemeShark” or by clicking the link below!

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